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Avatar 2 ist so mächtig, dass nur 20 Minuten Zoe Saldaña zu Tränen brachte

Zoe Saldaña hat 20 Minuten von Avatar 2 gesehen – und es bewegte sie angeblich zu Tränen.

„Ich kann erstickt, um nur darüber zu reden“, sagte Saldaña von der Fortsetzung in einem interview mit Kevin McCarthy (über People). „Ich konnte nur 20 Minuten der zweiten Rate sehen, kurz vor dem Ende des Jahres, letztes Jahr. Und ich war sprachlos. Ich wurde zu Tränen bewegt.“

Der erste Avatar-Film kam 2009 wieder heraus, sodass die Fortsetzung langweilig erwartet wird. Die Serie Stars Sam Worthington als Jake Sully, ein ehemaliger Marine, wandte Na’vi und Saldana als Na’vi Princess Neytiri neben großen Namen, darunter Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet und Edie Falco.

Die Fortsetzung ist eingestellt, um die Unterwasserwelt des fiktionalen Planeten Pandora zu erkunden und sich auf die Sully-Familie zu konzentrieren – mehrere Jahre sind vergangen, und Jake und Neytiri sind jetzt Eltern.

„[Regisseur James Cameron] war endlich in der Lage, diese Herausforderung zu knacken – das Ganze, was Sie nicht mit Wasser nicht imitieren können, virtuell durch Performance Capture“, fügte Saldaña hinzu. „Das war nur eine Herausforderung, die er sich selbst genommen hatte, und es brauchte ihn Jahre, und er tat es. Er hat es getan. Es ist mächtig, es ist zwingend.“

Avatar 2 Brought Zoe Saldana to Tears - Film Junkee Shots
Produzent Jon Landau enthüllte den _first offiziellen Handlungsdetails an den Gesamtfilm letzten Jahres., aber neue Probleme erwarten dort.

Avatar 2 kommt am 16. Dezember auf dem großen Bildschirm an (mit drei weiteren Fortschritten, um jedes Jahr bis 2028 zu folgen). Schauen Sie sich in der Zwischenzeit unsere Liste der anderen bevorstehenden _Movie-Release-Datumsangaben an, um 2022 aufgeregt zu werden.

Best free games on PS5

What are the best free games on PS5 ? A big advantage of modern playing is that you can find high quality experiences for free. This is very true on PlayStation 5, which offers many free games that you do not cost cents. You do not even need a PS plus subscription to play these tracks. If you have a PS5 and a reasonably decent internet connection, you are spoiled for choice. Let’s go through the best free games for PS5 in our opinion. If you are a list of Best PS5 Games Generally check the link.

It is also worth mentioning that the best free games on PS4 are also downward compatible with PS5, so click on the link to get even more options.

Best free games on PS5

Below is a list of best free games on PS5. Not presented in No specific order, these are our preferred free PS5 games as defined by our editorial team.

Fortnite (PS5)

Fortnite feels like the epitome of the free-to-play game. The Battle-Royale shooter of EPIC is still popular and of course native to PS5 available. Constantly evolving modes, cards and events this is a game in an endless river. However, what has remained the same is the super-dense gameplay that makes build structures and destroying enemies for children’s play. It’s fun for all ages, there is a reason why this game is so big, and not just because it’s free.

Recording room (PS5)

REC Room is a fantastic, family-friendly sandbox of a game. Similar to ROBLOX, enter this title with a custom avatar and can then contact other rooms and levels created by developers or users with other online players. With countless games and places to linger — as well as the possibility to make your own corner if you want — this is a flexible game that is particularly well suited for children.

Dinner (PS5)

Looking for an experience in monster Hunter style, but with a tight budget? Dauntless is an excellent alternative to Cap com’s monster slaying role play. This free game may not be as profound as its inspiration, but it offers endlessly repeatable fighting against imaginative creatures, and playing with others is a breeze. With a series of weapons that are to be mastered, the entire equipment you can only wish, and entertaining fights this is worth a try.

Top 10 Free PS5 Games

Kid A Amnesia: Exhibition (PS5)

Here is a bit different. The Kid A Amnesia exhibition of Radiohead is a free audiovisual experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the music of the band. It is essentially a running simulator, just they take on the sights and sounds of two albums, while artwork and pictures move around them. This is of course a great experience for Radiohead fans, but even if they are unfamiliar, this free interactive piece is incredibly atmospheric.

Genshin Impact (PS5)

To say it is completely free, Genshin Impact is an almost unbelievably robust game. Located in a large open world, this is an action RPG with many playable characters, an interesting combat system and hours of things to see and do. For less money you will probably not find anymore.

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