343 Industries is planning some additional changes to Halo Infinite’s in-game shop. In a blog post, the studio started off by saying it has received „lots of feedback“ around the pricing of Halo Infinite’s microtransaction offerings and what’s available to buy in general.

In response to this, 343 has already begun to sell some items from bundles individually and it also attempted to „standardize“ pricing with the overall goal of lowering prices across the board.

Looking ahead, 343 said it agrees with the feedback that players want even more purchasing options, along with a higher rate of rotation when it comes to what’s available. Not only that, but 343 teased that it might look into adding a second page of microtransaction items for sale.

„We also agree with all this feedback around allowing the purchase of specific items within bundles, increasing the rate of offer refreshes, and even potentially adding a second page,“ 343 said. „We’ll be looking to improve these aspects of the Shop in future updates.“

Halo Infinite’s in-game store sells all manner of items on a rotating basis, including cat ears. Being a free-to-play game, the title makes money from microtransactions, so it makes sense to hear that 343 wants to further refine and expand the experience.

343 releases new Halo
In other Halo Infinite news, Season 2: Lone Wolves launches on May 3. It adds new maps and a battle royale-style mode called Last Spartan Standing, among other things.

The Halo TV show, meanwhile, is currently in the middle of its first season. For more, check out Infinite’s breakdown of the 11 easter eggs and other references you might have missed from Halo Episode 3.

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