This weekend brought a giant bit of news as it seems we finally got a credible leak that genuinely may have come from Blizzard themselves, and as usual, the WoW community had quite a bit to say about it! Let’s start off with a few memes.

Of course the main concern going into any expansion is what version of AP we’re getting next:

We then have some expected movie comparisons:

And some players are already creating some leaks of their own, with the potential new race looking… not great!

Player comments on the Dragonflight concept range from a fear of a new Covenant-type system for each dragonflight, reputations, some new race/class hype, the ever dreaded new „AP“ to grind, and more.


I am feeling optimistic for the new expansion. Dragons desperately need updated models. – Sirpidgey-

They just couldn’t wait to put more clothes on Alexstraza. – BeavisRules187

In 10.2 Sylvanas is fully redeemed and become the ascpet of Justice. – TheLoneTomatoe

I can’t wait to grind Dragon Cinders in Dragonghast, Tower of the Flights. – slalomz

More-ghast, The Infinite Dragon-Flight of Stairs – a core new feature!
The Infinite Dragonflight, led by the mysterious aspect Murozond, has turned Wyrmrest Temple into an unending maze of countless floors!
Venture through the temple as you ascend Infinite (dragon)Flights of Stairs to gain access to the the Lost Power of the Aspects, as well as find unique cosmetic rewards! But beware, as not only Infinite Stairs await you in More-ghast, but so do Infinite Dangers lurk… – MaxAsh

Somehow Onyxia has returned. Again…..again – Battlescarred98

Warte eine Minute…
WoW: Dragonflight
Skyrim was developed by Bethesda, who is owned by Microsoft
Who else is owned by Microsoft?
Blizzard Entertainment
Todd Howard you son of a bitch, you’ve done it again. – Twiddist

Landwalker -> Champion -> Mawwalker -> Dragonborn – Infinite_Army

A new class/race?

Some kind of Chromie-time weaver would be awesome. New healer/ ranged DPS class – Acrobatic_Ad5143

Let’s get crazy: Dragonkin race.
Both factions get them. Black and Blue go Horde, Green and Red go Alliance. Bronze are both or neither. – Infernalism

I would love a Dragon Knight basically a winged Warrior. Heavy Armor, 2 Hander, breathes fire, etc… – Draethar

Alright, il settle for dragon tinkers. finales Angebot. – onetimenancy

The AP discussion:

Ready to farm some DragonForce ? – BlurpleAki

Aspect Power, surely? – Palivarkin

Or Ascension Power? Story would probably be about re-empowering the flights with some Titan facility on the Dragon Isles. – Vhurindrar

Or “ A Power“ keep Is Simple – Jristz

Whatever it is I hope they keep the „AP“ acronym.
I want to see how many expansions we can go before they run out of „A“ words. – FaroraSF

Dragon Juice – KyrgyzManas

Minecraft wait what meme part 48 realistic minecraft dragon egg

Dragon Covenants

I swear to fucking god if they make the dragonflight covenant system tied to player power instead of cosmetic only I am going to absolutely LOSE IT – drflanigan

Just have all the abilities be the same, just themed differently
I guess we’ll see what happens, I’m hopeful but also sceptical – drflanigan

Oh hello Dragon Aspects, with whom I have teamed up with to save the world from countless threats such as the Burning Legion, the Scourge, the Old Gods, other aspects like Malygos and fucking Deathwing.. of course we have a neutral reputation, why don’t you just tell me what menial tasks I can do for you to actually get a friendly – exalted relationship with you? – Squishy-Box

Oh man, and aspect respect. A distinctly different thing from rep that you gain by doing things in the expansion! – m1rrari

Also I have a feeling it’s gonna get awkward for DKs real quick.

That settles it, imma have my Deathlord-titled Frost DK join the Red Dragonflight.
What do you mean I’m suicidal? I’m already (un)dead. – AlbainBlacksteel